Smile & Laugh Lines Be Gone! Vollure is Coming Soon

The latest FDA approved facialfiller, Juvéderm Vollure is one of the newest facial fillers to treat the mid-face near the mouth and cheeks, especially those pesky nasolabial folds (smile and laugh lines). Currently available in other countries including the U.K., Vollure is unique in that it lasts from 12 to 15 months — longer than similar facial fillers.  The imminent launch of Vollure is an exciting new set in the world of facial fillers.

What allows Vollure to be so effective? Made of hyaluronic acid (which all Juvéderm products include), which occurs naturally in the body, Vollure attracts water and is used to increase the skin’s moisture and plump up the skin. With a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid than other facial fillers, Vollure offers more effective cross-linking (the way the molecules are held together), which slows the breakdown of the filler within in the skin. This allows its effects to last longer than other fillers, and provide exceptional smooth-appearing results.

Renowned facial plastic surgeon Jacob D. Steiger, M.D. of Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, Florida, achieves the best possible results using Vollure and other facial fillers based on their unique properties. At Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery we use the variety of fillers, expertly placing them in order to achieve the most effective and natural looking results.

Vollure is painless and easy to inject — a result of the lidocaine, a local anesthetic, it includes. Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery uses a propietary topical numbing solution on our patients when they are being injected with fillers like Vollure, creating a pain-free experience. Utilizing the newest and most advanced injection techniques, bruising has become the exception rather than the rule. Dr. Steiger says that bruising occurs in less than 10 percent of his patients; this minimal bruising can easily be covered with makeup, and is very short-lived. In addition, the advanced laser technology at Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery can eliminate bruising if it were to occur. Wendy Mendez, PA-C at Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery states that “this is one of the many amazing things about our office because not only do we offer the best techniques and best results possible, but we also offer the latest technology that allows our patients to have the easiest recovery.”

Vollure is one of the many fillers that Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery offers. Dr. Steiger explains “the different fillers are like different colors; one color alone might make a nice painting, but combining the full palette of colors will create a masterpiece.” In addition, Botox — which treats the upper forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet — and is used to shape the eyebrows and lift them when needed, is often used synergistically with fillers.

Many of our patients come in for a check at least twice a year. This is a good opportunity for us to evaluate the status of the fillers and determine if any additional fillers may be beneficial.

While it is rarely requested, all hyaluronic acid fillers can be reversed.

Patients who are interested in learning more about Vollure and the other latest facial fillers can contact Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery for an appointment in our Boca raton plastic surgery office with Wendy Mendez PA  or Jacob D. Steiger MD at 561-499-9339 or toll-free at 866-994-FACE (3223).


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