WPLG 10 News- Treat Facial Rosacea and Spider Veins with Laser

Millions of Americans suffer from embarrassing vascular skin conditions such as rosacea, facial redness and more. Double board-certified Dr. Jacob D. Steiger, M.D., Facial Plastic Surgeon, (www.drsteiger.com) is helping patients to eliminate these conditions in a comfortable manner with the revolutionary Excel V laser, a highly effective, safe and non-invasive system. In the past, patients with vascular skin conditions underwent medical procedures associated with unpleasant side effects, or expensive cosmetic creams and makeup that temporarily hid the underlying condition. Today, the Excel V, developed by Cutera, offers quicker results than other lasers and light-based therapies, no injections, no long-term side effects and no patient downtime. Other common conditions that Dr. Steiger treats with the Excel V laser are poikiloderma (causing red and brown appearing stains on the neck area), port wine stains, leg veins, facial telangiectasias (distinct dilated blood vessels around the nose and on the cheeks and chin) and cherry angiomas. “I consider the Excel V to be a ‘king’ of lasers,” said Dr. Steiger. “This laser finally gives patients a comfortable, quick and highly effective way to eliminate vascular skin conditions. The laser specifically targets vascular conditions by using a wavelength of light that is ideal for vascular lesions. It can make a big difference in a person’s overall look and self-perception. With no down-time it’s a win-win.” After an initial consultation, Dr. Steiger determines if the Excel V treatment is right for the patient. Injections or topical anesthesia are not necessary during the 15- to 30-minute procedure, which is virtually painless. The laser can be customized to each patient’s skin condition, offering precise and effective treatments. The number of treatments performed depends on factors including the size, thickness and color of the vascular skin condition. Depending on the patient’s condition, Dr. Steiger places the Excel V hand piece over the affected skin areas until the abnormal vessels diminish. Excel V uses a high power laser that is selectively absorbed by blood vessels in the skin. It selectively heats and eliminates the abnormal vessels, ultimately restoring normal skin tone and color. Excel V’s innovative cooling technologies ensure patient comfort. The Excel V laser also helps with post-surgery bruising; it can be used five to seven days post-surgery to help with bruising, or as needed post-surgery to help with redness and/or scarring. “My patients love that their bruising can be lasered away allowing for less downtime after surgical procedures,” said Dr. Steiger. Dr. Steiger performs the Excel V laser treatment, among many other facial plastic surgery procedures, at his newly constructed 5000-square-foot Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery building and 1001 Boca Aesthetic Medical Center in Boca Raton, Fla.