Hydrafacial is a medical grade skin rejuvenating facial procedure that combines a patented form technologies.  Hydrafacial takes traditional anti-aging facials, deep cleansing facials and acne facials to another level.  Its proprietary vortex fusion technology encompasses cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and serum infusions all in one.  It simultaneously infuses product into your skin and suctions the impurities out.

Hydrafacial has become one of the most sought after routine maintenance aesthetic procedures on the market for all ages and skin types.  It helps to refresh the skin’s texture, smooth fine lines, decrease pore size, improve hydration, and clean congested skin.

Hydrafacial is often incorporated in patients’ routine skin care  when performed on a regular maintenance schedule. It can also be done two weeks  prior to special events (weddings, photoshoots, parties), as well as preparation for other aesthetic procedures.

Maskne”  is a common concern in the crazy days of COVID -19 crisis. The constant friction and pressure of the masks breaks down the skin’s protective layer, leaving them susceptible to acne breakouts, rashes, clogged pores, and cracked skin.  Hydrafacials can help to ensure our skin’s integrity in the fight of this battle.


The goal of hydrafacial is to painlessly exfoliate, dislodge and remove impurities to the skin while hydrating the skin with serums.  It targets many of the most common skin concerns of skin dryness,oiliness, dullness, fine lines, breakouts, clogged pores, and difficult makeup application.

The Procedure

  Patients get a full evaluation from our licensed medical aesthetician to determine their skincare needs.  Hydrafacial can be tailored to suit oily, dry, aging skin, or the combination. The procedure begins with cleansing and removing excess sebum, residual makeup, and dead skin. A mix of glycolic and salicylic acids are applied to assist this process (this step can be tailored to allergies and sensitivities). Then a Hydra peel tip is used to vacuum excess impurities while hydrating, plumping and nourishing the skin.  The serums used will be tailored to a patient’s needs (this step can also be tailored to allergies and sensitivities). 


The procedure requires no anesthetic.  Hydrafacial is a painless way to extract impurities and exfoliate the skin.  It is prefered to have patients come into appointments without makeup.

Length Of Time

The hydrafacial is often combined with a relaxing facial. This takes approximately one hour in total.

After Procedure

You will go home comfortably after the hydrafacial.  Your skin will feel clean and refreshed.


There is no recovery or downtime with a hydrafacial alone.  If you combine this with a peel, our licensed medical aesthetician will discuss the recovery separately.