Natural Looking Rhinoplasty in Palm Beach

Facial appearance is all about balance and proportion. When considering rhinoplasty it is important to understand that the nose must be shaped to fit the face of the person it belongs to. In my opinion, the thought of a cookie cutter nose is an aesthetic error of gigantic proportions (pun intended).

When analyzing a patient for a rhinoplasty, the surgeon must look at the entire picture and not just focus on the nose itself. What this means is that a nose by itself can look “perfect,” however, when you back up and look at the entire person, that idea of the perfect nose changes. When we look at the noses of people who we deem to be attractive, we can see that they usually have very different appearing noses. There are general similarities and themes that these noses maintain, but transposing Johnny Depp’s nose on Leonardo DiCaprio’s face, would not make an appropriate fit.

A rhinoplasty specialist will look at the entire picture when he/she analyzes the face. Some important factors include the position of the chin, the angle of the forehead, the width of the face, the length of the face, and the height of the patient to just name a few. These factors will influence the decision to achieve a balanced rhinoplasty result that looks like it was the nose you were suppose to be born with.

The patient above was a tall young woman who presented to me for a Rhinoplasty one year ago. The angle of the nose was determined based on her facial shape, height, as well as the amount of slope (length) that we wanted to achieve to her nose. In addition, a small chin implant was placed in order to achieve appropriate balance to her face. The chin implant is noticeable when pointed out because it was the appropriate size and shape for a female of her stature. You can see that it enhanced the overall result of her rhinoplasty, maintaining a very natural look to her nose.

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