Cellfina Before and After Photos


cellfina before and after photo

                      This is a 28 year-old female treated with Cellfina to reduce cellulite of the buttocks and upper thighs. Her results are shown up to 2 years after treatment.



Palm Beach Cellfina before and after photosThis is a 47 year-old female treated for cellulite on her buttocks with Cellfina. Cellulite improvement is shown at 2 years after surgery.



South Florida Cellfina Photos

Cellfina cellulite treatment on a 36 year-old female. Notice the improvement of her cellulite dimples



cellfina before and after photos

47 year old female who had Cellfina treatment of her buttocks. Cellulite improvement seen at 2 years after her procedure


Boca Raton CellfinaCellulite treatment of the thighs on a 50 year-old female patient. Cellfina improved her cellulite appearance.



Cellfina palm beach

A 27 year-old female with Cellulite of her thighs treated with Cellfina.


Ft Lauderdale Cellfina

A 27 year-old female with dimpled cellulite of her thighs treated with Cellfina.  Cellulite reduction is seen up to 2 years after the procedure.





Dr. Jacob D Steiger MD is one of the first doctors in South Florida to perform the Cellfina treatment for cellulite reduction.  Our Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center offers the most advanced equipment available today.