Amanda’s Otoplasty Review After Surgery…
This is 7 months after her Otoplasty surgery to improve the appearance of her ears. Otoplasty was performed by Dr. Steiger under local anesthesia in the office procedure room. The ears were reshaped to create normal proportions. In this video she gives her review of the otoplasty surgery with before and after photos shown. Notice the beautiful and long-lasting results of her ears. View additional otoplasty photos in our before and after ear pinning surgery gallery. Patients travel from all over Florida, Ft, Lauderdale, Miami, and from around the world to have Dr. Steiger perform otoplasty.

Video: Otoplasty Testimonial Video Review

This is a video review of an Otoplasty Surgery with Dr. Steiger. Otoplasty was performed on her to improve the shape and appearance of her ears. Dr. Steiger is a Facial Plastic Surgery specialist in Boca Raton, FL. He is an expert in Otoplasty surgery, performing surgery on patient from all around the world.