ABC News Feature of Otoplasty to Repair Protruding Ears…
Otoplasty is performed to pin back ears that stick too far out from the side of the head. This news feature profiles a college girl who had this procedure done in South Florida. After thorough evaluation of her ears, the procedure was customized to her ears and face in order to achieve the best and most natural looking result. Cosmetic ear surgery is performed to enhance facial appearance and harmony. This can boost self esteem and prevent unwarranted teasing especially in children.

Video: Otoplasty - ABC News Special Report

This is an ABC News Special Report about otoplasty surgery. This features Dr. Jacob D Steiger MD who uses the most advanced otoplasty techniques available today in order to achieve the best possible results. Otoplasty is performed to shape the ears. Most people seeking otoplasty surgery have ear that stick out and want them pinned back so that they do not draw attention.