Luminous Wash

Luminous Wash


A soap-free cleanser that uses 10% glycolic acid to gently exfoliate, cleanse and smooth the skin. Formulated with a rich blend of antioxidants, including liposomal vitamins A, C and E, green tea extract and Co-Q10, Luminous Wash  minimizes free radical-induced skin damage while restoring healthy looking skin.




A rich, soap-free, gentle cleanser the delivers the skin smoothing benefits of ultra pure glycolic acid along with the antioxidant benefits of Vitamins A, C, E Green Tea Extract and Co-Q10

Liposomal Vitamins A: one of the most effective anti-aging antioxidants to diminish wrinkles

Liposomal Vitamin C: An anti-aging antioxidant  shown to Boost Collagen, Plump Skin, Repair Sun Damage, Fade Sun Spots, Age Spots, Dark Circles, Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Liposomal Vitamin E: Antioxidants that reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Green Tea Extract in combination with Co-Q10: Assists in minimizing free-radical-induced skin damage while aiding in the restoration of healthy looking skin creating a calming effect with it’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

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6.7 fl oz (200 mL)


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