The Deep Plane Facelift is one of the most modern and advanced facelift techniques. Facelift’s are performed to improve the appearance of your jowls and your neck. The Deep Plane Facelift also lifts the cheeks (midface) as well. The deep plane facelift that Dr. Steiger performs is in a more vertical direction then standard facelifts. This helps reverse aging in the most natural looking way. The deep muscles and ligaments of the face are repositioned into the more youthful position and thus this produces the best possible results.


This is a CBS new feature about Deep Plane Facelift surgery. It highlights Dr. Steiger’s facelift technique and one of his patients.

Video: Facelift Expert Boca Raton

This is a CBS news special about Deep Plane Facelift surgery. The deep plane facelift is an advanced facelift technique that gives the best possible and most natural facelift results. Dr. Steiger is an expert in Deep Plane Facelift surgery. Patients come in from all over the world to have surgery by Dr. Steiger.