Becca's Journey

Deep Plane Facelift

Arlene's Journey

Face lift for the Jowel and Neck

Expert Facelift Surgeon on ABC News

Dr. Steiger's Facelift technique featured on ABC. Combining advanced facelift surgery techniques with facial fat grafting achieves the best face lifting results. Lifting

Facelifts and Social Media - In the News

Cosmetic surgery and facial rejuvenation procedures are  on the rise. One of the reasons people are turning to cosmetic surgery more frequently is because they are more

Deep Plane Facelift in the News

The Deep Plane Facelift is one of the most modern and advanced facelift techniques. Facelift's are performed to improve the appearance of your jowls and your neck. The De

Facelift Review

Video of a patient for whom Dr. Steiger performed facial rejuvenation surgery.  She reviews her facelift