Cosmetic surgery and facial rejuvenation procedures are  on the rise. One of the reasons people are turning to cosmetic surgery more frequently is because they are more aware of their appearance as they see themselves in photos and videos. Social media has made the propagation of our images ever more noticed. By others and by ourselves.  Between selfie images, online-dating, Facebook, and Instagram people are noticing themselves from all different angles.


Advances that make surgery safer and more effective, along with the increased awareness, is contributing to a large increase in the amount of cosmetic surgical procedures being performed.  This is a CBS news segment featuring Dr. Steiger and one of his Facelift patients. It highlights the impact that social media is having on cosmetic surgery.


Video: Facebook Facelift - CBS News Report

CBS News Special on "Facebook Facelifts". Facelift surgery expert, Dr. Steiger, discusses facelift surgery procedures being on the rise as a result of social media impact. The so called, Facebook Facelift, is a phenomenon where people are more conscious of their photos online which is prompting them to seek treatment for a hanging neck and loose jowls. Dr. Steiger is a Facial Plastic Surgery specialist in Boca Raton, Fl.