This video is of a patient the day before her cosmetic ear surgery…
Otoplasty is the name of the procedure whose goal is to reshape the appearance of the ear. It is most commonly performed to pin the ears back when they stick out too far from the side of the head. There are many reasons why someone will choose to have this surgery.

Most children with ears that stick out are unfortunately teased by classmates early in childhood. Parents can choose to have their child’s ears repaired as early as five years of age, before or after the Kindergarten year. It is very common for adults to have the otoplasty surgery performed, especially if their parents did not choose to have this corrected earlier in life. This is the case for Dr. Steiger’s patient who is being interviewed here before her otoplasty. She discusses why she is having cosmetic ear surgery, her goals, and how she feels prior to the procedure.

Video: Otoplasty - Cosmetic Ear Surgery

This is a video of a patient who is about to have an otoplasty surgery. Otoplasty is the name of a surgery that is performed to reshape the ears. This is sometimes referred to as ear pinning or ear pin back surgery. This patient discusses her goals for the otoplasty surgery and why she decided to have surgery.