Interview of a patient before a rhinoplasty with septoplasty…
This is a 19 year old male patient who has difficulty breathing through his nose, and wanted to improve the appearance of his nose. Examination reveals that he had a deviated septum. In addition, he wanted to reduce the hump of hise nose and straighten his nose in order to improve his appearance. Surgery to correct a deviated septum is called a septoplasty and a nose job is called a Rhinoplasty. When thses procedures are performed together, this is called a septorhinopalsty. Dr. Steiger is a nose specialist and for all of his patients uses special equipment in order to thoroughly examine each nose to allow for the best possible treatment plan.

Video: Before Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty Surgery on a Man

Video of a patient before rhinoplasty to fix the appearance of his nose and septoplasty to improve his breathing. Surgery by Florida nose job specialist.