Rhinoplasty Chapter: Case of Radix Graft and Chin Implant

Nuances of Profile Management- The Radix


Rhinoplasty: Case Example 2- Radix Graft and Chin Implant

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Case Examples

Case 2

A 34-year-old female presented for primary rhinoplasty with concerns centered on the appearance of her nasal profile (Fig 8).

Nasal analysis revealed a caudally positioned radix, an under-projected osseocartilagenous vault and normal tip projection. The position of the radix accentuated a slight convexity at the rhinion. The patient also had microgenia.

Surgical correction included augmentation of the radix and osseocartilagenous vault with a single-layer septal cartilage graft. The convexity of the rhinion was eliminated to provide a flat surface for placement of the dorsal augmentation graft. A chin implant was inserted for enhancement. Although the tip was cephalically rotated, projection remained unchanged. Dorsal augmentation accounted for the increase in the height of the nasal profile observed one and a half years post operative.

Preoperative photo before a radix graft and chin implant.

Figure 8A: Entire osseocartilagenous vault under projected, radix under projected and caudally positioned. Profile plasty performed using single dorsal septal cartilage graft.

Before and after photos chin implant with rhinoplasty.

Figures B-G: Preoperative and 1.5 years postoperative photographs.

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